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July 23, 2024

Top DJ company in WC - SAMPRA registered

All of our freelance DJ's have identical playlists on their laptops. All of our DJ's are personally trained by DJ Dean SA for up to six months, before they are considered ready to host their own functions. During their training period they travel to different functions, to get the feel of different crowds and which sort of music to play when. For a final test, they are required to make a simulated playlist for a wedding / corporate function and a birthday party. Only if the prepared playlist is on an acceptable standard, the DJ is considered ready for action.

If necessary, the client may meet the DJ before the function at a place of the DJ's choice. At this meeting the client may discuss his / her music preferences with the DJ, to ensure that the DJ will play the music that they want at the function. Alternatively, the DJ can be e-mailed with all the client's special requirements or requests at least a WEEK before the function. A full playlist of songs from song 1 - 100 is NOT recommended. Trust your DJ, give him / her the freedom to showcase his / her experience and skills. Rather give them a list of 10 - 20 songs with all your favorite / must play songs. If you insist on meeting the DJ before you want to confirm your booking, a call out / admin fee of R500 will be charged. If you decide to use the relevant DJ for your function the R500 will form part of the total amount when paying for the function. In other words you will not pay R500 for meeting the DJ. However, if you decide not to use the DJ an admin fee of R500 will be charged for the time spent and travel expenses for the relevant DJ to accommodate you with a meeting.

We do not have a specific style of music that we stick to. We play something for everyone, from good 60's rock 'n roll, 70's and 80's dancing, Afrikaans and English hits, participation songs and even brand new releases. We also read the crowd and incorporate your music preferences, along with our expertise to ensure a filled dance floor throughout the evening.

Unfortunately we cannot do that, as we have over 500 bookings per year. Usually by the end of a year, we already have 150 weddings booked for the next year. We lose other potential functions when we reserve dates for people who don't come back to us. Bookings are only secured by the payment of your deposit. PLEASE DO INFORM US WHEN YOU DON'T REQUIRE OUR SERVICES. WE CANNOT ASSUME THAT YOU HAVE FOUND ANOTHER DJ.

Yes, we can provide you with sound for your wedding ceremony if it is held at the same venue where the reception will be held. At an additional cost the DJ will arrive 90 minutes before the ceremony commences. Background music will start playing 30 minutes before the ceremony commences. A cordless microphone will be provided for the minister. The bridal march will be played on the bride's arrival or any other special song if the bridal march is not chosen by the bride. Another song will be played when the bridal couple leave the ceremony for the signing of the register, where after the DJ will move all his equipment indoors to the reception area. Background music for pre - drinks can be organized with the relevant DJ at an additional cost according to his discretion as negotiated with the client.

The client pays DJ Dean SA a deposit to confirm the booking as per the quotation as a booking agent. NO proof of payment is required, as DJ Dean SA receives a notification from the bank confirming the deposit as soon as it is made. The quote is valid until 24:00, where after a predetermined rate will be charged per hour on a pro - rata basis in CASH. Your balance is payable DIRECTLY to your DJ one week PRIOR to the function. Their details can be acquired when meeting up with them to discuss your wedding. It is very important to pay the DJ directly as the DJ will deliver the service on the day of the wedding and the booking is transferred from the booking agent to the relevant DJ. No payments are accepted post event. All payments to be done BEFORE the function takes place.

As per our formal quotations provided all deposits are unfortunately non - refundable.

DJ Dean SA and all his freelance DJ's always brings enough sound to ensure a well balanced product at your function. For example, a function of 200 people will be provided with 4 speakers and 2 amplifiers, whilst a function of 100 people will be provided with 2 speakers and 1 amplifier. We have enough equipment to do up to 25 functions on a single evening, so we are sorted with loads of equipment. We have also visited numerous venues over the years and know the acoustics of each venue and which sound will be suitable for which venue.

Yes, we have a cordless microphone for speeches at your function, working within a range of +- 100m. We make use of advanced LED lighting and lasers on the dance floor, which creates a great atmosphere at your function (see the gallery tab for pictures).

Yes, the further we have to travel, the more you will have to pay. For distances over 100km in total, prices are often worked out to include fuel, travel time and overnight accommodation. We are situated in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and are willing to travel any amount of distance for a function. We charge a rate of R3, 50 per km and have no preference when it comes to accommodation, except that the place is neat and safe parking is provided for our equipment.

Yes, we provide a cordless microphone, so this is possible. The sound quality of the equipment is good enough for someone to sing. In the case of a professional singer, extra equipment can be organized at an additional cost. If you have someone singing at your ceremony, please do inform us at least 3 WEEKS before the function, as sound desks are limited and we primarily make use of DJ desks. DJ Dean SA has the right to deny you access to a sound desk if you do not comply with the 3 week rule. Equipment can then be hired in at an additional cost and your DJ will manage the sound for you free of charge.

All my clients meet me at my premises. It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to contact the DJ a month / two prior to the function to schedule a meeting. You are not paying extra to meet the DJ, we are offering this as a concession, to give you extra peace of mind before your big day..

Directions coming from Paarl on the N1: Take the Brackenfell Boulevard turn off. Turn right at the traffic light. Turn left at the 4th set of traffic lights (Protea Road). Turn left at the 1st traffic light (Buitekant Street). First Turn left. Sign in at the gate. Veritas Security Complex. Rubernet Street 11. Name: Dean Hewitt

Directions coming from Cape Town on the N1: Take the Old Oak turnoff. Turn right at the traffic light. Turn left at the second traffic light (Old Paarl Road). Turn right at the 5th set of traffic lights (Brackenfell Boulevard). Turn left at the next traffic light (Protea Road). Turn left at the 1st traffic light (Buitekant Street). First Turn left. Sign in at the gate. Veritas Security Complex. Rubernet Street 11. Name: Dean Hewitt

If you use a GPS there is a possibility that you will end up before Rubernet Complex, give me a call then... (more…) (more…)

If we do your wedding ceremony we need the song for the bridal entrance. Usually the bridal march. We also need a song for the signing of the register. Suggestions can also be made when meeting up if you don't have a clue at all. For the wedding reception we require a song when you enter the venue, your opening dance song, a song for the tossing of the garter and bouquet, a song for the cutting of the wedding cake and a father and daughter song (optional).

Yes, all our freelance DJ's dress neatly in a collar shirt / blouse / dress, belt and jean or black pants / kaki pants, with a neat pair of shoes or high heels (we have male and female DJ's available). This will always be the case, unless there has been a different agreement beforehand for informal functions. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the DJ receives something to eat at the function. At a wedding the DJ is usually included in the numbers for the buffet. Also please check if your DJ will bring an assistant along.

We have all the necessary power cables and extension leads. We also have a backup laptop fully loaded with music in the case of a laptop giving problems. We have enough equipment to provide backup. All equipment is properly tested before making their way to a function.

No, we make us of advanced technology, with LED par cans, so an ordinary power supply will be sufficient.

The price that my direct competitors are charging for the same wedding is about R1 000 - R1 500 more - they use the same quality equipment and have the same experience as we have. They however only have the capacity to do 1 or 2 weddings on a single evening, whilst our DJ's can do 25 - 30 weddings if they are fully booked on an evening. That is why we can afford to keep our prices low and competitive, without comprising on quality.

The DJ market is filled with amateur DJ's asking an amateur price and using below standard equipment. You cannot compare a big and renowned DJ company with +-750 bookings per year and advanced sound and lighting equipment, with a DJ that builds up his own speakers in his garage and uses no lighting and has no experience of playing for different crowds.

We prefer using our own equipment. Many of the venue's equipment are old and outdated and simply just not on the same level as the equipment we make use of (with all due respect). It has happened too often in the past that we have experienced problems with making use of a venue's equipment. That is why we prefer making use of our equipment - we have the peace of mind that our equipment is in perfect working order seeing that we do about 2 - 3 weddings per week with each of our systems. When something goes wrong with the equipment of the venue, it is the DJ that looks bad and not the equipment of the venue, from the guests' point of view. We cannot afford to look bad in front of possible clients for the future, our reputation is simply too important for us.

This is part of our standard package. We do not charge extra for the lights and smoke machine. This is something that sets us apart from our competitors. It is recommended that you make use of this extra feature for your wedding, as this creates a lovely warm atmosphere at the function. We do not make use of old fashioned disco lighting, for example strobe lights. We make use of modern LED lighting and firefly laser lights - these lights were purchased espescially with weddings in mind. View the gallery for some pictures. We make use of a very small smoke machine at weddings - we don't want the whole venue covered in smoke - we simply want our lights to have their full effect on the evening and this can only be accomplished by using a smoke machine.

DJ Dean SA and all his freelance DJ's are not responsible for any power failures due to Eskom. We are also not responsible to provide you with power for your function / supply backup power to the venue in the case of a power failure. Our price does not include a generator, however we are able to source one for your event / venue on request at an additional cost. However we have very limited availability in this regard and the units will be booked far in advance. Once all the units have been booked, it will be your responsibility to organize your own unit. We will need to be provided with power from the venue as it has always been the case in the past. In the case where the venue supplies a generator during load shedding periods, the generator will have to be 3,0 kVa or stronger (And MUST have a proper AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) in place) to carry the sound system and disco lights. Any generator weaker than this can cause permanent damage to our system and will be charged accordingly. Please check with your venue whether their venue hire / fee includes a generator, in most of the cases this is included.

The price quoted for your function only includes travel cost to and from the venue on the DAY of your function. We have over 700 clients on a yearly basis and most site inspection requests are over weekends, when we are fully booked with functions. We are called mobile DJ's and we arrive early at our functions to do our setup. We have visited over 900 venues the past 15 years and have been to nearly each and every venue. We will do our setup around your decor, it is YOUR important day. So we are happy to be placed anywhere in the venue, and will do our setup where you ask us to do so. We will adapt to the situation and check out available plug points and do our setup according to that, by using long cables and gaffer tape for proper cable presentation. We give ourselves enough time with the setup to work around any possible situation. Your function is important to us, and we will do everything in our power to ensure a smooth setup on the day of your event. However, if the client still insists on a site meeting at the venue, a surcharge to the discretion of the DJ will apply. Also remember if you insist on meeting the DJ before you want to confirm your booking, a call out / admin fee of R500 will be charged. If you decide to use the relevant DJ for your function the R500 will form part of the total amount when paying for the function. In other words you will not pay R500 for meeting the DJ. However, if you decide not to use the DJ an admin fee of R500 will be charged for the time spent and travel expenses for the relevant DJ to accommodate you with a meeting.

Please Note:

We do not deal with any contracts. We are professional DJ’s, not lawyers.

It is the responsibility of the client to read all of the above information before making a booking.

Please make sure that you are familiar with the above.

The info above will / can be held as evidence if any later complaints are received.

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